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French drain inspection and unblocking

We are experts in French drain installation and repairs. We meet your needs with professional services at a competitive price and we guarantee results that will meet your highest expectations.


Common reasons for blocked French drains are:


  • Clogged drain due to pipe breakage (displacements, root infiltration, poor connection, etc.)

  • Clogged drains due to elevation, wrong slope or incorrect pipe

  • Improper venting of your drain

  • Municipal sewer main line failures.


It is not complicated to find the precise reason for the problem when carrying out a diagnosis. Doctor Drain technicians will explain the reasons and recommendations following the investigation of the problem.


Doctor Drain offers the following specialized services:


  • Inspection and diagnosis of your French drains by video camera including a DVD recording on request.

  • Drain cleaning with a coil and pressure cleaning.

  • Repair of all types of drain pipes (PVC / ABS, cast iron, clay pipes and asbestos pipes).

  • We protect your property from basement flooding by installing a backwater valve (flood prevention device) on your sanitary and storm sewer system.

  • Installation of all types of storm drainage systems such as sumps, garage trench drains and French drains.

  • We use techniques trying as much as possible to save your landscaping.


Warning signs of a faulty drain:

  • Efflorescence (white rings) at the base of the concrete walls;

  • Mold at the base of the gypsum walls that cover the exterior walls of the basement;

  • Wet concrete slab;

  • High level of humidity in the basement.

  • If your drain shows one or more of these signs, it's time for you to have a new one installed.


By carrying out the inspection of your French drain by camera, our technology and our techniques allow us to obtain clear images of the problems present in your French drain.  It is therefore possible for us to establish an accurate diagnosis of the problem. We can also provide you with the test results so that you can share them with your insurer for home insurance purposes.

Get a fast and free quote.  For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please call(514) 834-2796 or complete the form below. We recommend including a photo of the problem.

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